Monday, October 5, 2009

NC IDEA Grant Program

The deadline has just passed for the Fall, but worth checking out for the next deadline.
This is a great program run by our friends at NC IDEA.


Grant Program Description 

NC IDEA provides small grants to high-tech start-up companies to support business activities that validate potential markets, reduce risk of early failure, and advance projects to the point of self-sustainability at which time they are suitable for private equity investment.

NC IDEA considers awarding grants to technology based businesses with the potential to become high-growth companies. NC IDEA defines a high growth company as a fast growing startup with a significant market size that will consider equity financing as part of their growth strategy.

NC IDEA has awarded over $1.3M in grants to help thirty-seven start-up companies in NC since the program's inception. NC IDEA targets high-tech companies that need help crossing the chasm between initial product development and venture capital funding.

$ Amount of Grants

NC IDEA awards grants up to $50,000.

Grant Cycle Frequency

NC IDEA makes grant solications twice per year.  The Spring cycle typically opens in early January with Pre-Proposal applications due in late January.  The Fall cycle typically opens in late August with Pre-Proposal applications due in mid September.  Please check theGrant Timeline for the current cycle schedule.

# of Grants Awarded

NC IDEA awards grants to 4-6 companies each cycle.

Howie Rhee, MBA
Managing Director
Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Fuqua School of Business, Duke University
Room E167J
919-617-1123 mobile

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