Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Startup Predictor on younoodle


Hi everyone, we're interested in having a couple of students run through the Startup Predictor on younoodle.com.  If you have an idea and run it through, let us know what you think. Email Howie at hwr2@duke.edu

MoxMe - looking for students to help out

Interested in Social networking?  We're looking for a couple of students to help MoxMe.

www.moxme.com.  If interested, email Howie at hwr2@duke.edu

How it works

Have you ever needed to contact a group of people with important or urgent information? Perhaps a sports game has been cancelled, or a weather or police alert has gone out in your community! In today's communication-driven world of email, SMS, and mobile phones, getting the word out to a large group of people using different devices, in different places, and with different information needs is a real problem! Phone trees don't work anymore, but not everyone has a cell phone or email address! 

MoxMe! is the world’s first "social network" for alerting that simplifies alerting and notifications among people, teams, and communities of interest. Using MoxMe!, individuals like you can join groups and effectively manage how group organizers and other group members communicate with them! Anyone can create a group on MoxMe! Group organizers such as coaches, school or local government officials as well as individuals can start a communication group! Start using MoxMe! today as your one-stop shop for joining groups, managing communications preferences, and creating your own communications groups. 

Monday, October 20, 2008

Blinky TV looking for Fuqua MBA students

An alum told me about one of his projects, Blinky TV.  

We are interested in finding one or more Fuqua MBAs interested in interning for blinkytv.com. They would be charged with developing and executing the strategy for the company under my guidance.  We are also hiring a product savvy engineer to build out the site. 

BlinkyTV.com is a social video network for kids under 13, anchored by the best age-appropriate videos on the web. Our editors comb the leading video sites and package the best videos for playback in our custom media player on blinkytv.com. Each of our kid customers can create a profile of his favorite videos and share them with his friends. Kids can also rate videos and submit links to videos that they want us to add to the site. 

Costs are low since we are leveraging the bandwidth and other hosting costs of the leading video sites like Youtube, Veoh and Aniboom. We will generate revenue via advertising initially through an ad network targeting kids like GoFish.  While we expect most traffic to occur virally there may be opportunities to supply editorialized kid videos in our custom player to leading game portals like Miniclip, Addicting games and Wild Tangent. 

Existing video sites like Youtube are innapropriate for younger kids. Videos are racy and violent and the comments are uncencored. While BlinkyTV streams videos from Youtube and other sites, comments and links are edited out. BlinkyTV will be the first social video network built from the ground up just for kids. 

If you're interested, email me at hwr2@duke.edu

Check it out.


Friday, October 17, 2008

Possible Internship in VC

I chatted with a couple of Duke alumni Venture Capitalists recently, and they said they might be willing to bring someone on for the summer.  The student needs an IT background, very smart, and willing to live and work up in Boston or the Bay Area, possibly for no pay.  Really, you'd be doing it for the experience.  

Are you the right person?  Send me a brief email, subject "VC summer opp"



I heard a student buzzing about the following startup, blueTunes (blueTunes.net).  I believe it is run by a Duke University student.

A new type of music player

Ever want to access your music from work, school, or a friend's house? With blueTunes, you can. blueTunes is a new approach to managing your music. Getting started is simple... all you have to do is:

Anna's Gourmet Goodies

Someone at Duke wrote in:

"[At a recent meeting at Duke] we used the business of Chris Duke (Fuqua 1987) for the new member gifts.  Chris started Anna's Gourmet Goodies in 2001 and his cookies, and presentation, were a huge hit!"

At Anna’s Gourmet Goodies we bake and ship gourmet cookiesbrownies and biscotti as gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, as a thank you, or for any occasion.   

Personalize your gift with a free card and include your special message.  For ourcorporate gift clients, we offer complete branding services with customized labels and note cards.  Whether you choose our bagsboxestins or baskets, we prepare each package to create a gift experience that will be appreciated and remembered long after the last crumb is gone.

Mark Burnett TV Show seeks entrepreneurs

I received this email.  I found it pretty interesting, and thought that one of our students might be brave enough to try it out.

Subject: Please forward to your students or graduates - New TV Pilot for Major Television Network now casting INVENTORS / ASPIRING ENTREPRENEURS!

"Hello. I’m hoping you could post or forward this to any of your students or graduates who might be interested in participating. Thank you.

New TV Pilot for Major Television Network now casting INVENTORS / ASPIRING ENTREPRENEURS!
Do you have an amazing idea or product but need the money to back it?
Would you like the opportunity to pitch your invention to several multi-millionaire investors? If so, we want to hear from you! 
Email a brief paragraph containing only NON-CONFIDENTIAL and NON-PROPRIETARY information about yourself and your idea along with contact info and a recent photo to:
Kris Canning – Casting Producer

You must be 18 or older to participate. 
By making a submission, you acknowledge that such submission may be identical with or similar to material which has or may come to Mark Burnett Game Shows, Inc., any network or other entity that is licensed to exhibit the pilot, and/or their respective parent companies, subsidiaries, affiliates, related entities, employees, contractors, agents, representatives, officers, directors, assignees, designees, licensees (collectively "MBGS") from other sources.  You acknowledge that the entities comprising MBGS are engaged in a wide range of business ventures and may be independently developing ideas, projects, or concepts identical with or similar to your submission.  You acknowledge that the submission is submitted voluntarily and not in confidence or in trust, and that no confidential or fiduciary relationship is intended or created between you and MBGS by reason of such submission or otherwise. You agree that no obligation of any kind is assumed by or may be implied against MBGS (including without limitation any obligation to pay money) by reason of MBGS's receipt or potential or actual review of your submission or any discussions or negotiations you may have, except pursuant to an express written agreement which may hereafter be executed by you and MBGS.  Without limiting the foregoing, you specifically acknowledge and agree that you release MBGS from any and all claims, including without limitation so-called "idea submission" or similar claims, you may have now or in the future relating to your submission."

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fullsteam Brewery

I was just introduced to Fullsteam Brewery "A Brewery and Tavern in-planning" in Durham.  Being started by Sean Wilson, a Fuqua alum from 2000.

What does a distinctly Southern beer taste like? Bet you don't know. Truth is, neither do we.

Fullsteam's mission is to change that. To develop and define a distinctly Southern brewing styleexperimenting with seasonal farmed goods and heirloom grains in the brewing process.

What will result? We're not quite sure. All we know is this: it's our mission to figure it out. We're developing recipes, sourcing local ingredients, and testing batches. Along the way, we'll pay our respects to traditional brewing, crafting a line of easy-drinking session beers. But what we want to be known for -- in 2008 and decades beyond -- is our willingness to invent what doesn't yet exist. To answer "what if" questions. To grow into a Great Southern Brewery...and have an airshipload of fun in the process.

Welcome to our noble experiment. We'll see you at the tavern before too long.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Entex looking for student - Clean Water technology

Entex Technologies is looking to hire a student to do a major update of our business plan.  Entex is now in its 5th year of operations, located in Chapel Hill. We are looking for a student with strong verbal skills and good financial skills to update and rewrite our business plan.  Entex’s management has a clear vision of its future, but needs to express it clearly and succinctly in its written plan.  Additionally, good financial skills will be needed to update the pro-forma P&L, Balance Sheets and Cash Flow statements.


For more information about Entex, visit www.EntexInc.com.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

RTP Startup Showcase - Friday, Nov 21 at Fuqua!

Hi everyone,

We'd like to announce that on Friday, November 21st at 5:30pm, during Entrepreneurship Week, we'll have a bunch of startups right here on campus at Fuqua.

We hope you'll join us.  More info at www.eweekatduke.com

Here are some of the companies that will be here:
Web 2.0 tools for musicians
Jed Carlson '05

Precision Biosciences
Edit genes
Matt Kane '06

Brooks Bell Interactive
Online marketing optimization
Brooks Bell '01

sharing files online
Jesse Lipson '99

Science Learning Resources, Inc.
Enhancing scientific literacy throughout our communities with innovative multimedia technology
Gary Duncan

Near-Time, Inc.
Integrates wikis, weblogs, and file-sharing
Reid Conrad

social network for college sports
Dean Bundschu

Customized clothing - made to fit
Charles J. Tse

making solar electricity an efficient and affordable solution for everyone by providing turn-key solar energy solutions
David Bunge

More info at www.eweekatduke.com
Register today!

Walmart B-Plan Competition

Walmart Better Living Business Plan Challenge 2009

Walmart is committed to fostering innovation at all levels - in our stores and supply chain, in communities, and throughout the retail industry.  In this spirit, the Walmart Better Living Business Plan Challenge provides a forum for students to showcase their best ideas and to help Walmart learn from some of the brightest minds in the world.  The competition challenges students to invent sustainable products or develop sustainable business solutions and present them to a panel of Walmart executives, suppliers, and environmental organizations. In addition to gaining an audience with some of the top business and sustainability leaders in the United States, the winning school will receive $20,000 to invest in their business or product. 

Walmart developed the Better Living Business Plan Challenge to encourage entrepreneurial expression and growth.  The focus of business today must take into account not only the profit potential of a business venture or new product, but also the effect on the environment and on people.  The Challenge provides students with a venue to develop confidence in presenting their ideas to world business leaders, to receive feedback and constructive coaching to be successful in selling their ideas, and to make seed money available to help young entrepreneurs make their ideas a reality.  

If you have a great idea for a sustainable product, business or service, we invite you to participate in the 2009 Walmart Better Living Business Plan Challenge.

>> Submit an "Intent to Compete" form by November 1 to be considered! 

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Socially Responsible Business Plan Competition

Don't know much about this, but here it is

"Comments: Dear Sir/Madam, I am Edmilson Rodrigues, an intern at the William James Foundation for this fall of 2008. The William James Foundation is an organization in Washington DC that works with entrepreneurs who are starting socially responsible / sustainable businesses. Our main project is our Socially Responsible Business Plan Competition, which will give professional level feedback to all entrants, and $60,000 in cash and in-kind prizes to the finalists. We are recruiting both entrants to submit the business plans and judges to analyze them. The Judges are bankers, venture capitalists, academics, practicioners, and entrepreneurs. These individuals would commit to 5-10 hours of volunteer work between mid December and mid January to analyze plans that would be distributed according to their expertise. We would like to know if you can help us to spread the word on our project, helping us to recruit entrants and judges. Specifically we're looking to reach business students and entrepreneurship clubs. We have attached files with more descriptions for both entrants and judges. One key thing is that we are looking for folks who are actually planning to start their businesses, not for classroom exercises. Yours faithfully, Edmilson Rodrigues ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


The William James Foundation's 2008-09 Socially Responsible Business Plan Competition Who Can Enter: We're looking for individuals or teams that are starting for-profit businesses with a socially responsible/sustainable component. These businesses can be social enterprises (for-profit subsidiaries of not-for-profits), and we will accept plans that have been submitted to other competitions. At least one member of the team must be either a current student or recent graduate (within 10 years). See http://www.williamjamesfoundation.org/criteria09 for more details. What's the Timeline: Executive Summaries are due on December 12th. If selected for the second round, full plans are due on February 8th. See http://www.williamjamesfoundation.org/timeline09 for more details. Who are the Judges: We are working with a pool of judges that include subject matter experts in the areas in which we traditionally receive plans (organic food, green building, fair trade, diversity initiatives, etc.), entrepreneurs, and individuals who look at business plans on a regular basis (VCs, Bankers, CDC staff, etc.) Most of our reading judges are made so by invitation, but we are open to having more judges. To apply, see http://www.williamjamesfoundation.org/judges09 for details. What are the Prizes: The top prize that we offer to all entrants is detailed feedback on your summaries and plans. In addition, we have a prize basket for the top plans of cash and professional services ( e.g. 25 hours with a lawyer, 20 hours with an accountant, etc.) Last year's basket was worth more than $60,000."