Thursday, January 24, 2008

Jewish Heritage Foundation looking for MBA help

The Jewish Heritage Foundation of North Carolina is the only independent statewide organization dedicated to preserving, sharing and celebratingJewish culture and artistry.
We fulfill our mission by working in three main areas:
• To collect, preserve and present the history of the Jewish people of North Carolina;
• To serve as custodian, collecting and redistributing Jewish ritualobjects and preserving Jewish historical sites;
• To operate the Rosenzweig Gallery as a venue for Jewish art, with the goal of developing exhibits that can travel to communities throughout thestate.
The Jewish Heritage Foundation of North Carolina has embarked upon our mostambitious project to date. "Down Home: Jewish Life in North Carolina" will present the remarkable and compelling story of 300 years of Jewish life inNorth Carolina, the story of individuals who have made an unforgettableimpact upon the progressive development of our state.
"Down Home" will bring this history alive through:
• A national broadcast-quality documentary film;
• Educational videos and teaching guides for the state's 1.5 millionpublic school students;
• An interactive museum exhibit which will travel to all of the state's major metropolitan centers (debuting at the Levine Museum of the New South);
• An engaging, well-researched book with full-color illustration.
The JHFNC is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization. Contributions to the JHFNC and its projects are fully tax deductible. The organization is fundedby individual and corporate donors, charitable foundations, synagogues, andlocal Jewish federations.
We are looking for a professional who would help us develop a strategic marketing and communications plan to brand and market both the foundationand specifically the Down Home project. More information about JHFNC can befound at
Will Grossman
Director of Operations
Jewish Heritage Foundation of North Carolina
PO Box 51245, Durham, NC 27717-1245
919 668-5839

Monday, January 14, 2008

INI Power - Fuel Cell company - looking for MBAs

INI Power is a fuel cell company located in RTP.

Tony Atti wrote, "Regarding an internship or other staffing opportunities we’re looking for someone who can assist in better defining one of our most important and near term market verticals. INI’s products are designed for 3 distinct market opportunities: military, consumer portable and consumer electronics applications. The consumer portable vertical in particular represents an intriguing opportunity as it includes recreational power, outdoor power equipment and UPS (uninterrupted emergency power)…these applications are diverse, voluminous and typically rely on low value solutions like lead-acid batteries or polluting diesel gensets as a source of electric power. INI has a broad market penetration strategy prepared but we’re looking for a candidate who can assist in defining the market players, applications, supply chain and distribution channels in more detail and then ultimately assisting in appropriate product placement. The upside is this effort should not only parallel much of a candidate’s business training but they’ll be doing it in a fast-paced entrepreneurial/venture-backed environment. INI has grown from 3-22 people in little over a year and the fruits of this effort are an integral part of our pro forma financials for 2008 and beyond."

Contact Howie Rhee for more info,

Friday, January 4, 2008

MindNurture needs MBA students

"MindNurture is in need of MBA students to evaluate new target markets, including the identification and analysis of competitors in those segments. We want to expand our reach and enhance revenue by exploring untapped markets. The MBA student/team would create a sales and marketing plan focusing on the penetration of selected target markets. Ideally, the plan would include budget recommendations along with expenditures and cash flow projections. We estimate that the project will last from early January 2008 to the end of April 2008.

MindNurture, a subsidiary of Teaching Strategies, creates and disseminates products, services, and knowledge to promote optimal early learning. Our products are backed by over 30 years of university gold standard research. A portion of profits helps support the distribution of free or low-cost early learning products in needy communities around the world. For more information about MindNurture, please visit our website at"

Looks like a good opportunity for an MBA. Contact if interested.