Friday, February 29, 2008


In search of individuals to help research, develop, market and distribute new environmentally friendly (and sexy!) moped “commuter scooters.” By utilizing the brains of Pratt, the savvy of Fuqua, and the entrepreneurial spirit of Duke, we’ll transform into fun the drudgery of commuting to work, school or the beach, and will allow millions to help save the earth from more pollution.

During development we’ll combine conventional scooter outlets with small engine
repair shops (did I mention outside-the-box thinking required?), and will establish a footprint in communities. Eventually, our company will make people proud of commuting and mowing lawns! For those interested, enthusiasm and inventive thinking is a plus, but analytical discipline and strategic thinking is a must.

Contact Hank Jones at

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Southeast TechInventures (STI) needs MBA help

Ashok Mendiratta writes "STI ( is looking for help with business plan development for two of its spin-off companies: a Duke start-up – “an improved process for Biomolecular/Protein Preservation”, and a start-up by former Glaxo employees – “Biomarkers for diagnosing depression”. The companies had received SBIR Phase I grants and have demonstrated the proof-of-concept (the depression diagnosis company has also conducted prelim clinical studies). For applying for SBIR Phase II grants, we need to develop a strong commercialization plan which will include conducting market research, identifying targeted applications, and developing business models and business plans."

For more info, contact Ashok Mendiratta, Chief Commercialization Officer,

STI works with a lot of Duke University startups, and is a great place to intern.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Web-based ADHD assessment tool needs MBA help

Alan Herosian writes, "We have copyrighted a web based analytical tool to be used by parents , teachers and physicians to better assess ADHD diagnosis, treatment and effectiveness of intervention (i. e. drugs). We have garnered $750K in SBIR grants , through our collaborator MediSpin, a NY based MedEd company who have furthered advanced the technology and functionality of the site/program called "RxADHD" , in concert with Dr. Jeff Epstein ,formerly of DUMC and now at Cinn Children's. The clinical implementation and validation has been conducted by Epstein , under the SBIR funding, and the system is robust presently as a tool for which it was envisioned."

"Now comes the marketing/business model proposition with many questions/issues on target audiences, pricing, value proposition, etc, which would form the basis of a NEWCO we're considering forming to advance the product . "

Any Duke MBA students that are interested should contact Alan at