Friday, March 7, 2008

A World of Music in Virtual Reality - Seeking Start-Up Support

Curious Sense is a new Durham start-up. We're launching a virtual world of music in the Fall of 2008. It's a 3D digital simulation of a beautiful city that will host a variety of interactive activities between artists, fans, and brands. The featured events will be simulcasts of real-world concerts and re-creations of past concerts - performed by animated characters that look and act like major performance artists. The world is comprised of venues, on-demand video theaters, fan hang-outs, shops, museums, and more.

Curious Sense is a strategy, design, and R&D agency that specializes in developing virtual world experiences. We're pre-business plan, and looking for help with research, projections, revenue modeling, etc. Also seeking feedback about design concepts.

Contact: Adam Blumenthal,

Thursday, March 6, 2008

PE Firm looking for Mentored Study Candidate

An NC-based private equity firm is interested in engaging a Mentored
Study candidate during Term 4/Term 1 (eg, starting immediately) to
assist in the advancement of a waste-to-energy business concept. This
opportunity would involve technical review of several critical
technologies, patent valuation and negotiation support, strategic
business plan refinement, partnership agreement structuring/negotiation,
financial modeling and various research tasks, as needed. It
would provide exposure to many aspects surrounding a start-up in a
fast-growing (green tech/clean tech) segment of the investment arena,
including the development of a "triple bottom line" business model.

The ideal candidate would include someone with experience and interest
in one or more of the following: venture capital/private equity;
entrepreneurship/social entrepreneurship; energy/alternative energy;
financial statement analysis; business plan/strategy development;
law. Aptitude in research, writing, strategic thinking
and financial/quantitative skills are a must. Availability at least one
day a week during Term 4 is also a requirement.

If interested, please send a resume and short (eg, one paragraph) cover
letter/email summarizing your interest and experience to Jim Sheldon by
5pm Friday March 14th. Selection and confirmation will take place
during the first week of Term 4.