Thursday, October 1, 2009

Clean Energy Technology Research Opportunity

Clean Energy Technology Research Opportunity


Position: Research Analyst

Start Date: Now

Time Commitment: Part time

Compensation: To be determined based upon expertise and experience


About Us: Palmer Labs and 8 Rivers Capital were founded by Duke's own Professor Bill Brown and Dr. Miles Palmer of MIT to create, develop, and commercialize technologies that will change the world.  Palmer Labs currently has patent pending technologies in the SmartGrid, bio-fuel, and power generation fields.  Our first major project and where your expertise is needed is in the development and commercialization of a revolutionary clean power generation system. 


Job Description:  We are looking for intelligent individuals with proven backgrounds in chemistry, engineering, and clean energy.  Palmer Labs' patent pending technologies utilize high temperatures and pressures to combust cleanly and enable capture of reaction byproducts.  We need scientifically oriented individuals who can work directly with the inventor to analyze, model, and optimize this high temperature combustion process. 


Required Qualifications:  Individuals interested in working with Palmer Labs and 8 Rivers Capital should be highly motivated innovative thinkers with technical backgrounds in science and engineering.  Preferred candidates would have completed either graduate studies or have work experience in combustion engineering, energy technology, power plant design and operation, industrial chemistry, thermochemistry, or materials science.  Experience with modeling software such as ASPEN, SolidWorks, CAD, MatLab, Thermoflow, LaTex, or an equivalent is a plus but not a prerequisite.            


If you think you are interested in joining our team please send and email briefly explaining your interest in Palmer Labs and 8 Rivers Capital, any relevant publications you have authored, a list of references, and your resume to


For more information on Palmer Labs and 8 Rivers Capital please visit  and      



Howie Rhee, MBA
Managing Director
Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Fuqua School of Business, Duke University
Room E167J
919-617-1123 mobile

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