Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Frontier Housing in Eastern Kentucky

maura.carew@duke.edu wrote:
Hey guys, 

I used to work for a non-profit housing organization in Eastern Kentucky 
(www.frontierhousing.org).  While I was there we started thinking about ways to 
change the manufactured housing industry (our major competitor).  That thought 
process developed to the point where Frontier Housing is now ready to spin off 
a new entity that will essentially work with the manufactured housing industry. 
I, unfortunately, already accepted an internship and cannot take the summer 
internship with them so I wanted to see if you know of anyone who would be 
interested in a full time paid summer internship with a social venture/startup. I will work with Frontier for the month of May. 

Here is a brief description: 

Frontier Housing, a non-profit housing organization with more than 35 years of 
experience in Eastern Kentucky, has been talking to Clayton Homes (owned by 
Berkshire Hathaway) for a couple of years about rolling out a new business to 
sell the "Frontier" designed Manufactured Homes to other non-profits across the 
country. Frontier has the contract in draft and are in negotiations with 
Clayton. Their idea in this economy is to incubate the business within Frontier 
for 2-3 years before it rolls out as its own entity. 

Frontier has already experimented with selling to other non profits and has now 
sold 5 homes to 3 others. The product offering would be homes and TA/training 
to non profits on how to install, order and finance this non profit brand of 

Frontier is very close to obtaining funding from the Mary Reynolds Babcock 
Foundation ( they already have verbal commitment) for the first year to put 
together a small team of contract employees (maybe even a virtual 
collaboration) to start building the business (develop the whole business, 
marketing, systems, etc.). 

Frontier already has a virtual CFO in place from Beyond the Bottom Line. Diane 
Korte will probably join the team and she is from The Balance Group. Doug Smith 
(wrote Make Success Measurable, etc and McKenzie alum) is staying on as our 
coach and consultant. He is interested to be a board member when the entity 
spins off. To work with Doug is a huge opportunity for a business school 

The paid internship will be in Morehead, Kentucky. 

Please let me know if you have anyone in mind.

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Shyloh said...

Well with a business like that it looks like you could be in need of book keeping. Have you thought about hiring a virtual cfo or a virtual service desk? http://www.l-wconsulting.com