Tuesday, October 21, 2008

MoxMe - looking for students to help out

Interested in Social networking?  We're looking for a couple of students to help MoxMe.

www.moxme.com.  If interested, email Howie at hwr2@duke.edu

How it works

Have you ever needed to contact a group of people with important or urgent information? Perhaps a sports game has been cancelled, or a weather or police alert has gone out in your community! In today's communication-driven world of email, SMS, and mobile phones, getting the word out to a large group of people using different devices, in different places, and with different information needs is a real problem! Phone trees don't work anymore, but not everyone has a cell phone or email address! 

MoxMe! is the world’s first "social network" for alerting that simplifies alerting and notifications among people, teams, and communities of interest. Using MoxMe!, individuals like you can join groups and effectively manage how group organizers and other group members communicate with them! Anyone can create a group on MoxMe! Group organizers such as coaches, school or local government officials as well as individuals can start a communication group! Start using MoxMe! today as your one-stop shop for joining groups, managing communications preferences, and creating your own communications groups. 

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