Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fullsteam Brewery

I was just introduced to Fullsteam Brewery "A Brewery and Tavern in-planning" in Durham.  Being started by Sean Wilson, a Fuqua alum from 2000.

What does a distinctly Southern beer taste like? Bet you don't know. Truth is, neither do we.

Fullsteam's mission is to change that. To develop and define a distinctly Southern brewing styleexperimenting with seasonal farmed goods and heirloom grains in the brewing process.

What will result? We're not quite sure. All we know is this: it's our mission to figure it out. We're developing recipes, sourcing local ingredients, and testing batches. Along the way, we'll pay our respects to traditional brewing, crafting a line of easy-drinking session beers. But what we want to be known for -- in 2008 and decades beyond -- is our willingness to invent what doesn't yet exist. To answer "what if" questions. To grow into a Great Southern Brewery...and have an airshipload of fun in the process.

Welcome to our noble experiment. We'll see you at the tavern before too long.

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