Friday, October 5, 2007

Retail Business seeks help

Claymakers (,a pottery studio, education, and retail business in Durham, hasrecently gone up for sale. A group of people who have been part ofthe Claymakers community have been talking about trying to turn itinto a member-supported business. Our goal is to maintain access toresources (kilns and other equipment, classes, studio space,supplies, etc.), but moreover to maintain and nurture the communityof potters that has grown with the business over the past severalyears. We do not expect the business to make a significant profit,but obviously we hope it would be self-sufficient, generating enoughincome to pay for 1-2 employees who would likely be supplemented withvolunteer help. The group has been discussing ideas for severalmonths now, and we're finding ourselves in need of help determiningwhether the idea is feasible and generating a viable business plan.

If interested, contact Liz Paley at

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