Friday, October 5, 2007

Behavioral Health software startup looking for help

SDM makes an Electronic Medical Record for Behavioral Health. They are looking for MBA help.

"Our immediate needs are:

1) Refinement of our Market Analysis. We have some very broad data from US government sources. It seems to be the commonly referred to data set in this industry. However, it does not enable us to segment the market by provider size and by state. This is critical to our business plan. I have been in contact with Health Economists from Harvard and Brandeis and have gotten some help in this area. My sense is that a more concentrated effort could yield good results.

2) Refinement of our Revenue and Cost projections. We currently have spreadsheets that go out about 5 years. We have created a sound structure for cost and revenue modeling. The cost model, in particular, lacks detail and is not as comprehensive as it should be. "

For more info, contact Tom Bainbridge at

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