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Match with startup ideas in the Program for Entrepreneurs

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The Program for Entrepreneurs (P4E) lets Duke students receive course credit towards starting a company.
The following teams are in the Program for Entrepreneurs, assuming they can register with at least two students.

Most teams are full, but if you see an idea that interests you, reach out to the team lead and see if you can possibly join their team.  This is at the team lead's discretion.

The first course starts in mid-October and is called New Ventures 1: Opportunity Evaluation.
Students from all of the schools at Duke (undergrad, grad, professional) are encouraged to join teams.  Most students can receive course credit, if they are on a team.

The list of active projects is below.
Incoming Projects (Class of 2012)

These projects are in so far, assuming they can register two students:
  • K Kane
    • K Kane is a fine jewelry line whose pieces are as unique as the individuals who wear them. 
    • Contact kate.kane@fuqua.duke.edu
  • Watu Research
    • Watu Research conducts mobile phone surveys in developing countries, helping organizations identify demand, monitor and evaluate programs, reduce the overhead costs of data collection, and drastically increase response times.  
    • Contact steve.moses@fuqua.duke.edu 
  • Golf&Fly
  • Nonprofit Grants Finder
  • Academia
  • Autoextract
  • LifeDash
    • LifeDash is an online dashboard that enables users to manage online accounts in a single place, focusing on only the important account-related data. In addition to account management, we provide users with targeted high-value daily deals based on their interests and transactions. 
    • Contact ted.getten@duke.edu
  • Medical Learning Games
    • Scenario based medical simulations with gaming elements to enhance engagement and learning. 
    • Contact peter.lamar@duke.edu
  • Salsa Timoteo
  • Good Groceries
    • Allow grocery shoppers to optimize their shopping by linking grocery store databases to a database of health information about all products. 
    • Contact Kevin.Howson@fuqua.duke.edu
  • Neolitics, Inc
    • Neolitics leverages a MOEMS-based chip, adapted for optical spectroscopy application, to provide process analytics for various sectors, particularly pharmaceuticals.  Given the chip-based design of the spectroscopy array, prototype device is 1/10th the size of standard systems, and is capable of dynamically referencing against a control sample, between readings. 
    • Contact ali.radfar@duke.edu
  • MoxMe! 
    • MoxMe! is an infrastructure for supporting group dynamics across a range of popular social networking and collaboration sites. 
    • Contact aju.joseph.john@fuqua.duke.edu

There were two events leading up to these selections, the Kickoff Event and the Idea Pitch Event.


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