Friday, March 13, 2009

MBA Furniture - needs an intern

From a young alum


MBA Furniture...

Started last year by Christiaan Heijmen, Fuqua class of 2008, MBA furniture is looking for a summer intern(s) to work this summer in Durham, NC to keep MBA furniture going!

MBAfurniture's goal is to match exiting MBA students "stuff" with incoming students "needs" and then give the rest to charity, once sustainability has been reached.

Last year, in it's first year of operation, MBA furniture worked with 200+ MBA's, professors, the Daytime Dean and other close Fuqua affiliates. In addition to breaking even from a profit and loss standpoint, on Sept 1st MBA furniture donated $15,000 of "left over" stuff to TROSA for the homes they provide their substance abuse recoveries.

The unpaid intern (or interns) hired will only need to work about 20-25 hours a week for the duration of the summer, oft times less. They will be given complete operational, marketing, and logistics control over the project. In essence they will run it!

I need an entrepreneurial, conquer-all personality who is a great social connecter and can be the conduit for the unwanted "stuff" and the people that need it most. Bottom line is that you need to know a lot of people at Fuqua for this to work.

All expenses for the project will be supplied by me as well as help with coordination efforts vis-a-vis the storage units and TROSA.

Please send along your resume if interested in talking.

Christiaan Heijmen

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