Thursday, January 8, 2009

Money for startups - apply to the NC IDEA Grants Program

This is run by our friends at NC IDEA.  If you have a startup idea, and are looking for money, it's worth your while to investigate this.


NC IDEA Grants Program

The NC IDEA (North Carolina Innovative Development for Economic Advancement) Grants Program provides funding for start-up technology firms headquartered in NC to fill the gap between government and private equity support.  Following a mission of job creation through commercialization of technology innovation, NC IDEA implements the Grants Program for companies in the fields of Information Technology, Medical Devices, Material Sciences, and Green Technologies. 


The initial “pre-proposal” application process opens Friday, January 9th and pre-proposals must be submitted online by Friday, January 30th. Approximately 20 companies submitting “pre-proposal” submissions will be selected to participate in a subsequent full proposal submission and review period. This process will include submission of a more comprehensive proposal and prioritized budget for use of grant proceeds. The comprehensive proposal submission period will end in mid March. A final round of applicant companies will be selected to present their proposal to a NC IDEA Grants Program advisory committee comprised of entrepreneurs and early-stage business advisors. Grant recipients will be notified in May.


Please visit the website for more information and eligibility details:




NC IDEA provides grants, loans and traditional venture capital to help young companies between seed funding and Series A financing. The non-profit company further supports these companies by leveraging strategic partnerships and alliances to help companies through research phases, business challenges and growth goals. NC IDEA is committed to supporting North Carolina’s economic development by ensuring young, innovative companies grow, create jobs and become contributing business leaders. For more information, visit

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