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Medical Treatment Adherence - Possible startup opportunity

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A reminder that next week on Thursday, 9/2, we are having our P4E Idea Pitch Event from 4-7pm at HCA Auditorium at Fuqua.
All Duke students are welcome to attend.  More details here:
Get ready to pitch an idea, or just come listen and hear about the neat startups that are being formed (which you could possibly join).

This will be followed, from 7-8pm, by an information session for undergraduates and graduate students (non-Fuqua) introducing the Program for Entrepreneurs.

Also, see below from a promising startup opportunity from Mike Noel (Fuqua '11).  If interested, you should contact Mike.


Pharmaceutical Device & Services Opportunity in Medical Treatment Adherence


Medical treatment adherence is currently, and will continue to be, a hot button issue in the healthcare / pharmaceutical / medical insurance industries.  There are tremendous business opportunities in solving this $100B / year problem for all health sector players.


The solution we are proposing and developing is a three-part solution…


  1. Pharmaceutical Devices – The devices are event-recording devices.  The event is the removal of a pill from a device, which is recorded in a database that is accessed through a web portal user interface.
  2. Web Portal – The web portal is used by all parties involved / affected by treatment non-adherence (i.e. patient, caregiver, insurance, pharmacist, pharmaceutical company, employer, etc.) to monitor proper medical treatment plan adherence.  The interface is one similar to or where a patient's medical information, goals, adherence data, etc. are all centrally located.
  3. Rewards / Incentives – By recording data with a device and making it available for monitoring on the web portal, we are able to offer the possibility of rewarding / incentivizing healthy behavior with an AMEX style rewards program.  This could represent an excellent medium for advertising to a captured audience and could also lead to programs geared toward addressing obesity issues, child rearing, and any other issue that could be addressed with rewards / incentives.


The current status of this project is as follows:

  • Initial funding secured (by large material / life science corporation)
  • Prototypes developed
  • Base web portal developed
  • Some partnerships and potential pharmaceutical customers established

Needs are:

  • Market research / analysis
  • IT needs
    • Product design
    • Web portal design
  • Partnership development
  • Investor development
  • Customer development (and analysis of who customer is)
  • Business plan creation
  • Product launch / business launch
  • Much, much more.

Contact Michael Noel ( if you are interested in joining this startup team!

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