Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fwd: The Labs are Open!

For those of you with gaming startups, definitely check this out.


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From: Joystick Labs <>
Date: Fri, Jul 2, 2010 at 8:09 AM
Subject: The Labs are Open!

You are receiving this email because you requested to be notified when the Joytick Labs website went live. 

The Labs are now open and can be found at!  We would also like to connect with you on Facebook and Twitter so that you can always be kept up-to-date on the latest happenings in the Labs.  Links to both of those resources can be found on our home page.

We have received a fantastic response on our launch and are pleased to be able to share some of the amazing media coverage with you!

"I'm sure there are plenty of indie developers out there with teary-eyes of joy right now, because this means that the idea that you've been storing in your head all these years can finally come to fruition....This game industry solution makes a ton of sense, only given that most of the big name games that has become popular in today's culture usually started off as indie projects...that became household names over the years for most gamers."  William Usher, GameBlend, 6-29-10
"In the past, game developers were at the mercy of game publishers, who controlled retail distribution of games and could often dictate terms. The costs of game development for the consoles became so large that the publishers only backed sequels of hits or proven teams. The indie developers were often left out in the cold, scrambling for any kind of funding. Around 2007, venture capital investments came on strong as new web-based distribution opened up. The growth of Facebook and the iPhone as game platforms also opened up huge avenues for developers to directly distribute their games." Dean Takahashi, GamesBeat, 6-30-10 

Thank you for your continued interest in Joystick Labs and please be sure to pass this information along to anyone that you think would be interested in learning more about Joystick Labs or even submitting an application to participate in our program!


The Joystick Labs Team

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