Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Internship for next summer

Posting from first year student Aris Baras.


Internships at Palaran - a hot, stealth, web startup!

Palaran (http://palaran.com) is a VC-backed stealth startup, with investors that include Om Malik, Esther Dyson and Joshua Schachter. We are ex-Google and ex-Yahoo Web Search engineers and designers and have been covered by TechCrunch (http://j.mp/palaran) and paidContent - but even they don't know what we're doing... yet. The only real way to know what's going on here is to come talk with us - and even better, to join us for the ride!

You'd need to be off-the-charts brilliant to keep up with the team, so that's kind of a requirement. If you buy as much stuff on ThinkGeek as you do on Amazon, we're intrigued! If you made a touch sensitive robot to play games on the iPhone, that's also good. If you have a strong opinion about string theory, multiverses, or the upcoming singularity, you'd also qualify. And if you do know what I'm talking about, read on.

We are taking a science-based, engineering-driven approach to an industry that has so far been more art, more trial-and-error, than real technology. We're big believers in big data, algorithms and scalable large-scale systems (we helped build Yahoo! Web Search, after all). We do have a big vision we're chasing, but we also have our monetization model down pat - we'll be making money as we build our business. That's good stuff.

Work-wise, there's a lot of Java going on, with a lot of open source code, components and infrastructure. Databases are used, sure; cloud-hosted on Amazon, certainly; mappin' and reducin'... maybe. As an intern, you will be playing with a lot of interesting technologies, writing lots of code, and devising efficient solutions to complicated problems.

So if your veins ache for that startup adrenaline, and you really need to be working with the best, this is just the place for you. Send your resume, and links to your previous work, to jobs@palaran.com<mailto:jobs@palaran.com> - operators are standing by!

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