Tuesday, July 21, 2009

CIIE - Clean Energy Incubator in India

Clean Energy Incubator in India.


Let me introduce you to the RE-Search program at CIIE, IIMA.
Renewable Energy Search is an endeavor by CIIE (IIM Ahmedabad) and MNRE (Government of India) to identify, encourage and incubate entrepreneurial ideas aimed at solving the energy crisis through use of existing clean energy related research.
You can find more details about our program at - http://re-search.in
Access to safe, reliable and sustainable energy is a huge problem across the developing world, including India.
At the same time it offers a fantastic opportunity for entrepreneurs to create wealth for themselves and the society.
We are always looking for smart people with bright ideas in the energy space, who want to startup in India.

We would love to hear from the community at Duke, in case they would like to enter energy space in India.
We provide incubation, funding, management support and networking opportunities to our entrepreneurs.
Look forward to hearing from you, on how we could possibly work together.


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