Thursday, February 26, 2009

RTI International Summer '09 Internship

The Office of Commercialization at RTI International is interested in recruiting students for co-ops during the semesters and full-time intern positions for the summer. As interns at RTI, students will be introduced to the process of commercializing new technologies developed out of the research work at RTI. The qualifications needed for consideration are as follows:

1.       U.S. citizens / Permanent residents / International students are welcome.

2.       International work / study experience is highly valuable.  

3.       Experience with statistics, modeling, and presentations is highly valuable.  

4.       Students with strong analytic / reporting skills are highly preferred.

5.       Background and familiarity with (appreciation for) Intellectual Property (patents, trademarks, copyrights) is valuable.

6.       Strong leadership skills (self-starters) / social skills.

7.       Creative (out-of-the-box) thinkers.

8.       Majors include but not limited to sociology, psychology, statistics, economics, political science, chemistry, biology, computer science / engineering, and electrical engineering.


If interested, please submit your resume to

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