Thursday, December 11, 2008

Ignite Social Media looking for interns

Ignite Social Media is looking to fill up to three Social Media Marketing paid internship openings for this coming Spring semester. 


Who Are We?

Ignite Social Media is a social media consultancy that works with companies to advise them on how to leverage social media (both social networking like Facebook and social media like blogs, vlogs, podcasts, etc.) for marketing benefits, including increased customer engagement and search engine optimization. Office located in Cary, NC.


Who Are You?

As a start-up company, we are looking for an intern candidate that has a passion for social media. We want candidates that Twitter, Facebook, and blog regularly - who are comfortable using social media and excited about the opportunity of applying it to businesses.




Social Media Marketing Intern(s):

Looking for up to three interns who can help develop strategies for social networks, help develop quality social media content for Ignite, and help implement social media campaign strategies for our clients. These interns will work closely with the team in strategy sessions and will write blog posts, analyze new social networks, and use social media tools to optimize and publicize content.




Anne E. Brannon

Community Engagement Specialist


w: Ignite Social Media

p: (919) 653-3970


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