Tuesday, August 12, 2008

ReplayPhotos.com -- collegiate sports company looking for help

I met with Sue Harnett today, a Duke and Fuqua alumnus. She is very interested to be contacted by Duke MBA students that have a passion for sports, and are also savvy with web 2.0 sites and technologies (facebook, youtube, etc...)

Sue has a great story and an excellent business. Check it out at www.replayphotos.com.

"Replay photos is an amazing store. We work with colleges across the nation to scour their archives for their best photographs, digitally restore them if necessary and categorize them for easy viewing. Never before have so many iconic college campus and sports photos been offered in one place. Now, alumni, fans and supporters of universities have the opportunity to purchase wonderful images that evoke the passionate feelings they have for their favorite schools These images are available as unframed photographic prints, custom framed prints, gallery wrapped canvases."

If interested, contact Sue at sharnett@replayphotos.com.

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