Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Smarthome team looking for MBA help

Kelvin Gu writes
"Our gadget is for entertainment. It helps you play--almost cheat at--billiards
(or snooker or pool). The device comes in a small box and hangs right over the
pool table. The camera and computer inside can see where your cue stick is
pointing. Based on the direction your stick points, a projector shines a beam
of light onto the pool table (an arrow-line shows up on the table) indicating
the path your shot will take. If you readjust the angle of your stick, the beam
of light readjusts too, in real time.

Basically, our gadget helps you make good shots when playing pool. It does the
same thing that this video-game version of billiards does:


... except in real life.

At this stage, we've built a working prototype. It's not nearly as accurate or
as beautiful as we'd like it to be, but it exists and can be optimized."

For more info contact Kelvin at: elvink_gu@yahoo.com

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