Monday, April 21, 2008

Real Estate Developer looking for a Duke MBA

A Durham entrepreneur and real estate developer is looking for an
intern to help with a very large commercial real estate transaction.

He owns a large storage complex that sits right beside a rail line in
Durham. He plans to convert this space into an intermodal storage hub
and integrate it into the supply chain of several large international
firms. International companies will move their products on rail to
this location and store them as long as needed before shipping off to
the west coast, Europe, or Asia.

Responsibilities include running cash flow analyses, researching
international supply chain models, and interacting with international
companies. Mandarin Chinese and/or Spanish language abilities are a
large plus.

This is an amazing opportunity for those interested in commercial real
estate, logistics, and global supply chain management -- a chance to
get your hands dirty, make some contacts, and learn an immense amount.
Compensation is negotiable based upon experience and skill set.

If interested, please send a resume and short (eg, one paragraph)
cover letter/email summarizing your interest and experience to John at .

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