Thursday, February 7, 2008

Web-based ADHD assessment tool needs MBA help

Alan Herosian writes, "We have copyrighted a web based analytical tool to be used by parents , teachers and physicians to better assess ADHD diagnosis, treatment and effectiveness of intervention (i. e. drugs). We have garnered $750K in SBIR grants , through our collaborator MediSpin, a NY based MedEd company who have furthered advanced the technology and functionality of the site/program called "RxADHD" , in concert with Dr. Jeff Epstein ,formerly of DUMC and now at Cinn Children's. The clinical implementation and validation has been conducted by Epstein , under the SBIR funding, and the system is robust presently as a tool for which it was envisioned."

"Now comes the marketing/business model proposition with many questions/issues on target audiences, pricing, value proposition, etc, which would form the basis of a NEWCO we're considering forming to advance the product . "

Any Duke MBA students that are interested should contact Alan at

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