Monday, January 14, 2008

INI Power - Fuel Cell company - looking for MBAs

INI Power is a fuel cell company located in RTP.

Tony Atti wrote, "Regarding an internship or other staffing opportunities we’re looking for someone who can assist in better defining one of our most important and near term market verticals. INI’s products are designed for 3 distinct market opportunities: military, consumer portable and consumer electronics applications. The consumer portable vertical in particular represents an intriguing opportunity as it includes recreational power, outdoor power equipment and UPS (uninterrupted emergency power)…these applications are diverse, voluminous and typically rely on low value solutions like lead-acid batteries or polluting diesel gensets as a source of electric power. INI has a broad market penetration strategy prepared but we’re looking for a candidate who can assist in defining the market players, applications, supply chain and distribution channels in more detail and then ultimately assisting in appropriate product placement. The upside is this effort should not only parallel much of a candidate’s business training but they’ll be doing it in a fast-paced entrepreneurial/venture-backed environment. INI has grown from 3-22 people in little over a year and the fruits of this effort are an integral part of our pro forma financials for 2008 and beyond."

Contact Howie Rhee for more info,

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